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We Live in 3's...

Suicide Bridge, Pasadena California


Reviv3.Us is a life promotion network for the U.S. Armed Forces.  Reviv3.Us has trained over 1600 military and family members in the United States and overseas. It is designed to be more than just curriculum, designed to be flexible and adaptable, designed to promote life.  It begins with three modules (Alive, Breathe, Create) that will help energize your community, make them aware, and empower them to promote life.  A dynamic resource for leaders in the community, Chaplains, and anyone else who values life and would like to transform communities and change the world.

Here you can sign up to be a trainer and get all of the latest curriculum; track your statistics, and even develop your own Reviv3.Us website free of charge. Take a look around, contact us with any questions and, more importantly, promote life today!

To the right is a Documentary (Short) that highlights a Reviv3.Us event: A Celebration of Life through Art. Below is just a little ad that was created for the release of Reviv3.Us v.2.

“We Live in 3’s…”

In 2013, Ssgt Kenny Tussey became the first fully-trained Reviv3.Us (v.1) participant (Doha, QA). SSgt Tussey is currently living in Washington rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and promoting life!

CH (CPT) Eric Moler

U.S. Army Chaplain